At Barmston Village Primary our intention is that at the heart of our curriculum, is the children’s social and emotional well-being which supports their; mental health; character education; and development of resilience, whilst raising aspirations for all.

Our curriculum encourages our children to: “Be the best that you can be!”



-Be safe

-Be kind

-Be respectful 

-Be positive

-Be polite

-Be responsible



-Be confident

-Be happy

-Be reflective

-Be resilient

-Be brave

-Be resourceful


Our Curriculum Drivers:

-Communication, Language & Literacy

-Reading & Vocabulary

-Personal Development & Cultural Capital

-Community - raising aspirations and social mobility by addressing social disadvantage

-Understanding of key concepts knowledge and skills, as well as metacognitive approaches and adaptive teaching


-Clearly sequenced curriculum which is broad and balanced 

-Pupils asking more questions 

-Raising the profile of social and emotional learning 

-Collaborative learning 

-Adaptive teaching 

-Vocabulary-rich classrooms

-Developing long-term memory 


Our curriculum is designed to ensure all of our pupils receive an appropriate and balanced amount of academic challenge and pastoral support. We fully understand the importance of our pupils being emotionally secure in order to be educated effectively. 


The impact of our curriculum will not only be measured through outcomes but how effectively it helps our pupils develop into well-rounded individuals. They will be well equipped to take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences in later life. 



-Assessment of knowledge & skills

-Feedback from parents and teachers

-Monitoring of pupil’s work

-Pupil voice

-Raising aspirations and social mobility for all

-Rigorous monitoring processes in place

Subject Areas - click on the links below to see more information about our curriculum.

If you would like any further information regarding our curriculum, including requests for paper versions, then please contact the school office.

Year Groups - click on the files below to view each year group's Long Term Overview:

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Reception Long Term Overview.pdf .pdf
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Y3 Long Term Overview.pdf .pdf
Y4 Long Term Overview.pdf .pdf
Y5 Long Term Overview.pdf .pdf
Y6 Long Term Overview.pdf .pdf

You can find out more information about our curriculum by speaking to your child's class teacher, or by contacting Mr Cunningham (Deputy Headteacher).