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Mr J Cunningham

Online Safety Lead

Barmston Village Primary School

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Resources for parents:


Use the CEOP report button (below)  if you ever feel that your child could be in danger or feeling threatened online and keep any evidence your have.

National Online Safety Guides For Parents:

Please click on the links below to see some useful information for parents regarding children's safety online.

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 Age Ratings Info.pdfDownload
 Catfishing Parent's Guide.pdfDownload
 Fake News.pdfDownload
 FIFA Parent's Guide.pdfDownload
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Cyberbullying Guide:

Information from 'Wizcase' for parents on how to keep your child safe online -  

A Comprehensive Cyberbullying Guide for Parents

Be Secure Online Information Booklet:

Take a look at this handy booklet by 'Be Secure Online' explaining how to keep your children safe online

Snapchat location settings:

Please be aware, that Northumbria Police are urging parent's, whose children use Snapchat, to check the location settings on the app. The photo and video messaging app has introduced the “Snap Map” feature which lets you see where your friends were when they sent their most recent snap. To ensure your child is kept safe, we urge you to disable any location settings on any social media platforms which they might be using. Thank you for your support.

Online Safety In School:

Online Safety Day:

BVPS always celebrates Online Safety Day in conjunction with the UK Safer Internet Centre.

Online Safety Live:

360 Degree Online Safety:


Martin Bailey came in from Animate2Educate to work with all of our pupils from across the school. He also carried out work with parents. Below is a copy of what was covered.