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Mish Mash Productions Performance

We were visited by Mish Mash Productions alongside Sunderland Music Hub. They put on an amazing live performance for some of our classes, and we even got the opportunity to host 2 of neighbouring primary schools. According to their Twitter feed, all the performers had an amazing day at BVPS as well:

Parliament Assembly and Workshop

 Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in a parliament assembly and workshop. It was very interesting.

Safety Works Newcastle

Choir and Confidence

 Some of the children in years 4,5 and 6 sang at some local residential times at Christmas. 

RNLI - Water Safety Event

The RNLI have been in to do a Water Safety workshop - the children really enjoyed this interactive session. 

Year 6 - Primary 2 Uni Event with Sunderland University

Year 6 took part in a Primary 2 Uni event in collaboration with Sunderland University. This was aimed at aspiring children to go into further education and think about their future career choices. 

Year 6 Nissan Visit

 Year 6 enjoyed an interesting visit to Nissan. This was their second visit to Nissan, but this time the completed a different workshop. This one showed the children how Nissan makes their cars, how they work as a team and how the industry are using effective and modern technologies to improve productivity. The children had a fantastic day and came away with a lovely goody bag!

Derwent Hill

 Our year 6 children have had an amazing time at Derwent Hill - they have completed various challenging activities which tested their resilience and team work such as: low/high rope courses, mountain climbing, the big swing, gorge walking, canoeing, rock climbing, swimming in the lake, visits to the mine, building camp fires and much much more!

Sports Day

 We once again had a fantastic sports day! Well done to all the children. 

Sporting Activities at Washington School

Year 2 had great fun competing in multi-skills activities at Washington School recently. 

World Book Day

 As a school, we celebrated World Book Day 2018 by coming into school dressed as our favourite characters from well known books!

Church Visit

Year 2 visited The Holy Trinity church in Washington Village.We looked inside at all the different features you can find in a church. We then walked around Washington Village and compared Our Blessed Lady Church and Kingdom Hall with the church on the top of the hill. A personal favourite was when reverend David played the organ for us!

Nissan Code Club

Year 6 went to Nissan, Sunderland for a trip relating to computing. When they were there, the children got to learn lots about coding - in particular how Nissan uses coding every day in all areas of their car manufacturing. The children got to do there own coding and sequences which meant using coding programmes and equipment such as Scratch and Crumble Bots. 

Safety Works and Shoplifting Workshop

Year 6 have recently visited Safety Works, Newcastle to take part in an interactive workshop all about staying safe at home, school and out in public. the workshop was ran by Tyne & Wear Fire Service, Northumbria Police, St John Ambulance and Nexus. Back at school, we then took part in a shoplifting workshop, which was also very interesting and informative. 

Wintry Tales

Chris Bostock is a storyteller and Ken Patterson is a musician who performed 'Wintry Tales' to children in our Nursery and Reception classes.  Children listened to stories about a lonely little brown bird, a very big white bear and a teeny tiny elf.  They also sang songs and danced!

Christmas Pantomime Visit

 Year 5 and 6 went to see 'Peter Pan' this year at Newcastle's Theatre Royal. We had a fantastic time cheering, laughing and 'booing' Captain Hook!

Christmas Show

 Year 5 and 6 put on their Christmas show from visitors from the local care home. They thoroughly enjoyed our show: The Donkey Seller. After the show, we have juice and biscuits together!

Northumbrian Water Super Splash Show

 Years 1 - 5 took part in Northumbrian Water's Super Splash Show which was all about not wasting water. It was very informative and good fun to watch!

Gardening Club

 Our gardening club enjoyed harvesting the vegetables that they had been growing and made some soup together.

Visit from local MP Sharon Hodgson

 Our local MP Sharon Hodgson paid us a visit. She led an assembly, informing us of her role as an MP and explained some interesting information about what it is like to be an MP. Following this, she led a small workshop and Q&A session with our school's very own parliament. 

Anti-Bullying Week 2017

The children took part in Anti-Bullying Week 2017 - they are took part in activities, assemblies and discussions around bullying. Take a look at the video year 6 produced promoting anti-bullying!

Recycling Assembly

We took part in a recycling assembly ran in conjunction with Groundworks North East and Sunderland City Council

Parliament Visit to Sunderland Mayor's Chambers

 Our newly formed parliament went on a visit to Sunderland's Mayoral Chambers. They got to sit in the chambers, ask questions and learn about the local government's role.

Rotary Club Bulb Planting

 The local Rotary Club have visited us recently and presented an assembly to the Key Stage 2 children promoting their charitable work for the fight against Polio. The children took part in an informative discussion and watched some interesting and heart-wrenching videos before 2 classes went outside to plant 1000 crocus bulbs - the colour purple to represent the charitable work with Polio. We hope to see the flowers in the coming spring. 

RNLI Visit

Some RNLI lifeguards came into school to explain all about water safety. The pupils took part in a very informative and interactive assembly. 

St John's Ambulance 'First Aid In A Day' Training

 Year 6 took part in a full days first aid training with an official trainer from St John's Ambulance. We learned about the recovery position, treating burns, treating cuts/bleeds, choking and much more. We had a brilliant day and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you St John's Ambulance, Newcastle. 

Parliamentary Workshops

Key Stage 2 had an assembly today from Gillian Bell, an Outreach Education Officer for the North East's Parliament Education Service. Following this years 5 and 6 took part in a workshop where we learned lots of valuable information about our local and national government and about parliament. 

Whole School Science Workshops

 Alan Edmiston, a local science consultant, came into our school and carried out various science activities and experiments across the entire school. We had a wonderful time exploring science!

Year 5 Virgin Money Project

 Year 5 have recently taken part in a Virgin Money Project - each child in the class was given £5, and their challenge was to use the money to carry out a project which will turn that £5 into a profit. The children planned out activities carefully, such as a school fun day, wet the teacher, art and craft stalls and refreshment stalls, etc. All of the children had great fun carrying out the project. 

McDonalds Visit

Members of the School Council and Green Goblins visited MacDonald’s on Monday 17 July to learn all about sustainable food that is sold in their shops.   They were given samples to eat and learned some interesting facts:-

  • Burgers are made from whole cuts of 100% British and Irish beef which are from ‘Freedom Food Approved’ farms
  • McFlurry ice cream cartons now have small necks as hedgehogs were getting stuck trying to eat the residue
  • Happy Meal toys are purchased from Germany and MacDonald’s is the largest importer
  • Real free range eggs are used in the sausage Mcmuffins
  • 1p donations support Ronald McDonald house charity which provides ‘home away from home’ accommodation for families with children in hospital
  • Over half of MacDonald’s fleet run on recycled oil from their kitchens which is turned into fuel
  • Barmston MacDonald’s is the third busiest ‘drive through’ branch with around 161 vehicles purchasing food

Year 6 Leaver's Performance

Year 6 performed  brilliant end of year show for their leaver's assembly. The show (Reach For The Sky) looked back at some funny scenarios we all experience at some point in primary school. All of the children performed really well and even had fun getting some of the audience and even the head teacher wet!

Year 6 Nissan Visit

 Our year 6 class enjoyed a day trip to the Nissan Manufacturing Plant in Washington. They discovered what it takes to build a Nissan car and how the company selects and trains its employees. Lots of the year 6 class decided that they would like to work for Nissan when they are older. 

School Council and Buddies

Our school council and school buddies have been working hard to improve our school, local area and important issues such as bullying and pupil safety. They have recently carried out assemblies in our own school as well as at other local primary schools and have worked together with the local council and housing company (Gentoo) to imporve our community. 


Science Visitor

We had a visit from a scientist to take about renewable energy. We took part in a workshop looking at renewable energy and how to make a cleaner enviornment. 

Sports Day

The children, once again, enjoyed a fantastic sports day. Take a look at some of the photos. 

Whole School Art Exhibition

The whole school took part in an art exhibition. All the children created a piece of artwork, which was then framed and sold to parents at the art exhibition/fair.

Edina Bulb Planting Project

Our school took part in a nationwide project ran by the National Museum of Wales. The project involved planting bulbs at the exact same time as thousands of other children across the UK. We then had to monitor the weather and bulbs each day and report back - the project was a research project to test changes to global warming. 

Safety Square

 The school now has a 'Safety Square' situated in one of our halls. In safety square, we have displays showing children how to stay safe and healthy in a variety of settings including: online safety, water safety, values, healthy eating etc. 

Online Safety with Animate2Educate and Think4Yourself

 We had a visit from Animate2Educate and Think4Yourself - they both ran workshops in school looking at keeping children safe online. We have developed an online safety display in the school's 'Safety Square' - this is kept up to date with lots of important information on our children can keep themselves safe online. 

Primary2Uni Event

 Year 5 and 6 visited the University of Sunderland to carry out workshops designed to inform and encourage children to think about attending university and career choices. The children also got to design and create rocket cars - they worked in groups to create their design and then carried out an experiment to see which one would travel the furthest. 

World Day Book

 All of the staff and pupils got dressed as their favourite book characters up to celebrate World Book Day - we had lots of fun!

Archery Day

 The school had a visit today from Robin Arrows Archery - everyone got an opportunity to have a go at archery. We had a great day!

Christmas Performances

 All of the children did incredibly well in their Christmas Performances this year - well done everyone!

RNLI and Water Safety

The RNLI visited us in school to talk about water safety - all the children joined in with a workshop about how to stay safe around water. 

Ten Pieces Music Concert at Sage Gateshead

 One of our classes visited the specialist music concert hall, The Sage Gateshead. They were able to watch a live orchestra play pieces of music from the BBC's Ten Pieces. The children also did work in school around the Ten Pieces.