Barmston Village Primary School

Be the best that you can be


At Barmston Village Primary School we promote good attendance and attainment in school and also have formalised procedures if a child’s attendance is causing concern. We aim for an attendance rate of 95% to help all children achieve their full potential as we recognise that this can only be achieved by maximising the number of sessions children attend school.


First Day Response

If there is no reason for an absence given either verbally or by letter from the parent\carer then contact will be made on the first day by the Attendance Manager.  Detailed records are kept for specific children who have poor attendance\punctuality that provide evidence for formal Non Attendance Procedures Stage 1 - 4.


Exceptional Leave of absence

From September 2013 DFE amended the regulations surrounding holidays in term time therefore, Head teachers may not grant any leave of absence during term-time unless they are exceptional circumstances. Family holidays are not classed as an exceptional circumstance.



In the rare incident where a child’s absence from school triggers child protection concerns then two members of staff will do a home visit to ascertain if children are at risk of significant harm. If concerns still remain then Social Care will be informed immediately through appropriate child protection procedures (see Safeguarding Policy) and staff will decide whether police involvement is necessary.



We reward the class with the highest ‘weekly’ attendance by giving 'Sam' the dinosaur puppet to children in Foundation Stage and KS1 to play with.  Children in KS2 are awarded the ‘Spike’ trophy which shows how well their class attendance has been.  

Each term we have attendance competitions where children with 100% attendance complete their attendance card which is entered into a prize draw to win a £5 Asda voucher and a small gift.  At the end of the academic year all children with 100% attendance are rewarded.