Barmston Village Primary School

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School Parliament

At Barmston Village Primary School we have formed our very own Parliament with a Prime Minister and associated ministers.

As part of the British Value of Democracy, the children voted for which members of the class they would like to represent the school. Once Parliament had been formed, members put themselves forward for Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Ministers of Safeguarding, Ministers of Wellbeing, Ministers of the Curriculum and Parliamentary secretaries.

The school parliament meets regularly with their staff link and as a parliament to discuss the running of school.

We are very proud of our Parliament!

Friday 24 November 2017 - MP Visiting School

We were very proud that Sharon Hodgson, Member of Parliament came to our school to deliver a parliamentary assembly where she talked about her role in the House of Commons.  There was 'question time' and children asked interesting questions and learnt all about politics.    Sharon is also a Honorary member of Rotary Washington which is ran by Neil Mconie who accompanied her. 

After the assembly, Year 3 children had their very own workshop where they had more in depth learning.  

Wednesday 1 November 2017

Visit to Mayor's Parlour and Council Chambers

 We are very pleased that Year 3 were able to visit the Lord Mayor's Parlour and Council Chambers at the Civic Center in Sunderland.  Children viewed the conference room which was recently upgraded with the latest technology and also the function rooms.  Military uniforms and artillery were displayed in a locked cabinet which are only opened for cleaning by forces personnel.   

At the end of the visit the Mayor gave each child a commemorative Tall Tree 2018 drinks bottle!