Barmston Village Primary School

Be the best that you can be

Meet the StAff

School Staff
Mrs S Bainbridge Headteacher
Mrs F Cowan Deputy Headteacher
Administration Staff
Mrs G Kelly Bursar
Mrs N Oxley Attendance Manager
Teaching Staff
Miss H Wildish Nursery
Mrs S Duffy Reception
Mrs H Bewley Year 1
Mrs C Matthews Year 2
Mr J Rutledge Year 2
Mrs L Carr Year 3
Mr K Colling Year 4
Mrs A Foster Year 5
Mrs C Sparke Year 6
Mr J Cunningham Year 6
Mrs P Wells Interventions
Mrs E Bewley Modern Foreign Languages
Mr H Tatham Schools Direct Student Teacher
Mr D Mart Schools Direct Student Teacher


Support Staff
Miss C Redman HLTA Nursery
Mrs K Vitty HLTA Reception
Mrs K Crammon TA Reception
Miss N Dickinson HLTA Year 1
Mrs J Seymour HLTA Year 2
Miss L Kirkbride TA Year 3
Miss D Iveson TA Year 4
Mrs J Teasdale HLTA Year 5
Mr M Seymour Computer Technician
Mr B Munro Premises Manager
Mrs T Hottinger Cleaner
Mrs C Simpson Cleaner, Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs D Mooney Lunchtime Assistant
Miss K Riggins Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs C Munro Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs C McNally Relief Lunchtime Assistant
Miss G Brown Sports Apprentice
Mrs N Cunningham Music Teacher
Mr J Rouse Music Teacher